Sing For Your Glory

On the 19th of November 2017, we held a worship evening at Plett Community Church where we gave opportunity for members of our worship team to present and minister their original songs. We decided to record the evening to capture as authentically as possible the heart behind each song as well as to be able to share these songs with whoever may need them. On this album you will hear songs of praise that will point your eyes to Jesus, and you will also hear songs that will give you a melody to hold onto in different seasons of life. Our desire as a worship team is to honour God, to love Him, to enjoy Him and to always sing for His glory! (We would like to thank and honour Leon Swart who recorded and mastered this album for us – who freely gave of his time, effort and expertise to make this album a reality)

Written by Taegan Horn
Written By Taegan Horn
Written by Coryn van Willen
Written by Taegan Horn
Written by Ayden Kroukamp
Written by James Whitehead
Written by Elzette Mostert
Written by Collette Bitter
Written by Collette Bitter, Taegan Horn and The Worship Team
Written by Taegan Horn