Important Notice:

Dear Church Family,

We are excited to announce that we can again have services on the premises, however we can only accommodate 150 people. The rest will continue to join us live from the comfort of their homes.

Those that want to be part of the services in the auditorium – need to register with Cara as from now 073 029 4795. Everyone will be listed and prioritised as you register. Cara will notify you which Sunday you can attend. Once the first 150 seats have been booked, the rest will be rolled over to the next service. We will unfortunately NOT be able to accommodate you – if you don`t register.

We are excited and looking forward to worshiping our Lord and King corporately again.

All services will be available via the link below:

Service times as normal: 09h00 (Online Only) and 18h30 (Online Only)

For information regarding online links, Church Online, etc. please contact Andre: 082 857 4129 and for all prayer requests contact the Church Phone: 073 029 4795

Please make sure the Church Cell Phone Number – 073 029 4795 is on your phone contact list if not you will not receive important messages and Links.

Message to Members:

Dear Church Family

We hope that you and your family are well in these difficult times in our country and in the world.

It has come to our attention as the financial committee and elders that there are some in our congregation and our community who are increasingly facing severe challenges. Plett is a tourist town, and many people have lost a significant part of their income or even all of it. We do not know how long this situation will continue, but it is very possible that tourism could be suppressed for a prolonged time period (six months?)

As a congregation, we have decided to help. We are focusing our efforts on providing food vouchers and/or food parcels to those with the greatest need.

We are carefully reworking the church budget to free up extra resources to help these people. You are part of this effort as a member of our congregation. We would like to give you the opportunity to over and above your normal giving, be part of this effort, if your situation allows it.

The Bible teaches us that our first financial responsibility is to look after our own families. We encourage you to work wisely and frugally with your finances, no matter what your financial situation is during this time, to ensure you are able to do so now, and in the uncertain months ahead. If you are able to, we encourage you go a step further and see if you can free up funds in your budget to help those outside your own family.

The Bible also teaches us that there is a difference between a tithe and an offering. A tithe is a tenth of our increase, and that is to go to the storehouse (our church). An offering is giving over and above your tithe. We therefore encourage you, if you can do so over and above your tithe, to give money towards the food vouchers and food parcels.

To give towards this effort, you can deposit funds into the Community Church bank account using the reference “Lockdown Recovery Fund” or “LRF

  • Account: Plett Community Church
  • Account Number: 4055581560
  • Bank: ABSA – Plett – 632005
  • Type – Current Account
  • Reference: Lockdown Recovery Fund or LRF

This challenging time offers us a unique opportunity to live out the mandate God gave us to be His hands and feet on earth. We appreciate that so many of you have already indicated that you want to help and are eager to do so. As a church, we are committed to use the resources God has entrusted to us to action this mandate responsibly and sustainably. We encourage you to take part in doing so.

Kind regards and God bless.

Jannie Kirsten (on behalf of the Finance Committee and Elders)