Book and Video Teachings of Dr MK Strydom.

We would like to encourage all to work through this and find your healing.

Healing begins with Sanctification of the Heart

by M.K. Strydom
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The purpose of this book and video series is to take the mystery out of disease. Dr Strydom explains in simple language why you have a disease, how it developed and what it is going to take to get well.

Experience a new frontier in medicine as you embark on a journey into science, anatomy and the physiology of your body as well as the Bible. Why the Bible? Latest cutting edge medical research confirms what the Bible said about health and disease thousands of years ago and is proving to be more scientifically accurate in the area of disease than medicine has been in the past 60 years!

Discover the foundation of all diseases as you’re given insight into the spiritual, psychological and physical mechanisms that produce disease and see how your long
term thought patterns cause biological manifestation in the form of disease.

God’s perfect will is actually not healing His perfect will is that you don’t get sick. The same principles that bring healing are the same principles that will prevent disease.
The knowledge and insight shared here is literally exploding globally as doctors all over the world are tapping into these life-transforming principles. It is revolutionising people’s thinking about disease worldwide. Thousands of people who were on death’s doorstep with a devastating so-called “incurable disease” are completely well today due to the application of these biblical principles.

If you have been given a ‘death sentence’ in terms of a serious medical diagnosis – there is hope! No disease is incurable!