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Louis Els – 8 March 2020 AM (It’s not about a religion)

23 Feb AM 2020 – Johan Coetzee

“20200209 PM – Rejection Proof – Jia Jiang”

[media-downloader media_id=”1084″ texts=”20200209 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘2020 Vision’ (Part 2)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1080″ texts=”20200202 PM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The Secret of Leadership'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1081″ texts=”20200202 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘2020 Vision'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1078″ texts=”20200126 AM – Taegan Horn – ‘The Noise'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1076″ texts=”20191208 AM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Practice Gratitude'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1074″ texts=”20191201 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The King’s Domain'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1072″ texts=”20191117 PM – Malachi Mans – ‘Living a Bible based life'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1071″ texts=”20191117 AM – Johan Coetzee”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1067″ texts=”20191110 PM – Gaynor Snyman – ‘Intimacy with God'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1068″ texts=”20191110 AM – Johan Coetzee”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1062″ texts=”20191103 AM – Johan Coetzee”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1060″ texts=”20191027 AM – Dave Hall”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1058″ texts=”20191020 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘King’s Domain’ (Part 2)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1053″ texts=”20191013 PM – Taegan Horn – ‘Through my Saviour’s Eyes'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1052″ texts=”20191013 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘King’s Domain’ (Part 1)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1050″ texts=”20191006 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life’ (Part 7)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1048″ texts=”20190929 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life’ (Part 6)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1046″ texts=”20190922 PM – Johan Coetzee “]

[media-downloader media_id=”1044″ texts=”20190922 AM – Joyce Ray – ‘Psalm 73′”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1041″ texts=”20190915 PM – Taegan Horn – ‘To Walk In His Ways'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1040″ texts=”20190915 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life’ (Part 5)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1036″ texts=”20190908 PM – Dave Hall – ‘The Power Of The Blood'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1037″ texts=”20190908 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life’ (Part 4)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1034″ texts=”20190901 PM – Andre Van Eeden – ‘Prosperous Soull'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1032″ texts=”20190901 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life’ (Part 3)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1030″ texts=”20190825 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life’ (Part 2)'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1025″ texts=”20190818 PM – Malachi Mans – ‘Grace Set Me Up'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1023″ texts=”20190818 AM – Taegan Horn – ‘Our Best Days'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1021″ texts=”20190811 PM – Joyce Ray – ‘Psalm 73′”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1018″ texts=”20190811 AM – Andre Van Eeden – ‘I’m up next!'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1024″ texts=”20190804 PM – Janine Crutchfield – Testimony”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1016″ texts=”20190804 AM – Andrew Smith”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1014″ texts=”20190727 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Your Best Life'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1012″ texts=”20190721 AM – Johan Coetzee”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1010″ texts=”20190714 AM – Johan Coetzee “]

[media-downloader media_id=”1008″ texts=”20190707 PM – Dave Hall”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1006″ texts=”20190707 AM – Andrew Smith”]

[media-downloader media_id=”1004″ texts=”20190629 AM – Taegan Horn – ‘Knowing my Father'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”996″ texts=”20190623 AM – Johan Coetzee – Grace & Truth in the Tabernacle – ‘Emptying of Self'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”994″ texts=”20190616 AM – Kevin Bitter – ‘When We Fast'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”981″ texts=”20190609 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The Comforter'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”979″ texts=”20190602 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Grace & Truth in the Tabernacle'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”977″ texts=”20190519 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Truth & Love'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”975″ texts=”20190512 PM – Malachi Mans – ‘Self-esteem'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”965″ texts=”20190512 AM – Johan Coetzee – Jesus in the Tabernacle (The Golden Lampstand)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”963″ texts=”20190505 AM – Johan Coetzee”]

[media-downloader media_id=”961″ texts=”20190428 AM – Becky Brummer”]

[media-downloader media_id=”955″ texts=”20190421 AM – Johan Coetzee – Passover”]

[media-downloader media_id=”949″ texts=”20190414 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The Table & The Presence’ (To think like Jesus)'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”947″ texts=”20190407 AM – Dave Hall – ‘Gardens'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”946″ texts=”20190331 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The Gate, The Door & The Veil lead to the treasure of God’s Presence'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”943″ texts=”20190324 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The Bronze Laver'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”935″ texts=”20190310 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Jesus in the Tabernacle (Bronze Altar)'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”921″ texts=”20190303 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Jesus (Grace & Truth) in the Tabernacle'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”920″ texts=”20190224 AM – Andrew Smith”]

[media-downloader media_id=”919″ texts=”20190217 AM – Louis Els”]

[media-downloader media_id=”916″ texts=”20190210 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘When the Vinedresser Prunes You'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”908″ texts=”20190210 PM – Dave Hall – ‘Pursuing the Faithful Father'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”906″ texts=”20190203 PM – Kevin Bitter – ‘Relentless Pursuit'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”904″ texts=”20190203 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘To make Jesus famous'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”909″ texts=”20190127 PM – Taegan Horn – ‘The Garment of Praise'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”902″ texts=”20190120 AM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Stop going to church'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”900″ texts=”20190113 PM – Andrew Smith – ‘Time'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”898″ texts=”20190113 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘To make Jesus famous'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”892″ texts=”20190106 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Trust God 100%'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”887″ texts=”20181230 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Fullness of life found only in Jesus’

[media-downloader media_id=”886″ texts=”20181225 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Jesus is the perfect gift'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”885″ texts=”20181223 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Count it all joy'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”884″ texts=”20181216 AM – Taegan Horn – ‘The Greenhouse'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”882″ texts=”20181209 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Stop Going To Church””]

[media-downloader media_id=”880″ texts=”20181209 AM – Johan Coetzee “]

[media-downloader media_id=”878″ texts=”20181202 AM – Theo Burmeister – ‘In Christ'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”875″ texts=”20182511 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Seated in Heavenly Places In Christ Jesus’ (Part 7)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”872″ texts=”20181111 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Communion'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”112″ texts=”20181111 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Aligning my soul to Grace and Truth’ (Part 6)

[media-downloader media_id=”866″ texts=”20181104 PM – Johan Coetzee – “Wellbeing””]

[media-downloader media_id=”865″ texts=”20181104 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Becoming a spiritual man’ (Part 5)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”863″ texts=”20181028 PM – Joyce Ray – ‘Testimony'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”862″ texts=”20181028 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘A prospering soul’ (Part 4)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”860″ texts=”20181021 AM – Dave Hall – ‘Prayer'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”857″ texts=”20181014 PM – Nicolette van Eeden”]

[media-downloader media_id=”852″ texts=”20181014 AM – Johan Coetzee – “”Seated in Heavenly places – Setting my life in order’ (Part 3)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”844″ texts=”20191007 PM – Andrew Smith”]

[media-downloader media_id=”842″ texts=”20181007 Am – Johan Coetzee – ‘Seated in Heavenly Places – Separating my spirit and soul’ (Part 2)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”840″ texts=”20181030 AM – Johan Coetzee”]

[media-downloader media_id=”840″ texts=”20180930 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Seated in Heavenly Places – The Full Gospel’ (Part 1) “]

[media-downloader media_id=”838″ texts=”20180923 AM – Dave Hall – ‘Prayer””]

[media-downloader media_id=”836″ texts=”20180916 PM – Andrew Smith – ‘The Garden'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”834″ texts=”20180918 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Treasure in Earthen Vessels’ (Part 2)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”831″ texts=”20180909 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Treasure in Earthen Vessels’ (Part 1)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”816″ texts=”20180902 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Finding God’s Purpose For Your Life’ (Part 3)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”817″ texts=”20180902 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Reigning In Life Through Jesus Christ'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”805″ texts=”20180826 PM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Trust'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”804″ texts=”20180826 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Conquering King'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”802″ texts=”20180819 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘God’s Purpose for you – Part 2′”]

[media-downloader media_id=”794″ texts=”20180819 AM – Taegan Horn – ‘Forgiveness'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”801″ texts=”20180812 AM – Dave Hall”]

[media-downloader media_id=”790″ texts=20180804 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘God’s Purpose for you – Part 1′”]

[media-downloader media_id=”789″ texts=”20180804 AM – Kevin Bitter – ‘Half – Way'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”786″ texts=”20180729 AM – Andrew Smith”]

[media-downloader media_id=”784″ texts=”20180722 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘The Warrior’s Way'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”782″ texts=”20180722 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Jesus – Our Conquering King'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”780″ texts=”20180715 PM – Leon Swart – ‘Back To Basics'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”778″ texts=”20180715 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Jesus as our Prophet'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”776″ texts=”20180708 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Knowing Jesus as Prophet'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”773″ texts=”20180701 PM – Johan Coetzee – “God’s Thoughts” “]

[media-downloader media_id=”770″ texts=”20180624 PM – Dave Hall “]

[media-downloader media_id=”768″ texts=”20180624 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘That I Might Know Him – As High Priest’ (Part 1)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”766″ texts=”20180617 PM – Andrew Smith – “The Rock Pool'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”763″ texts=”20180617 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘The Father Heart of God Seeks Relationship'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”760″ texts=”20180610 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘That I May Know The Holy Spirit’ (Part 5)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”757″ texts=”20180603 AM – Johan Coetzee – ”That I May Know Him – Humility” (Part 4)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”753″ texts=”20180527 PM – Joyce Ray – ‘Identity'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”748″ texts=”20180527 AM – Andre van Eeden ‘I Love Giving'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”740″ texts=”20180520 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Humility’ (Part 2)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”732″ texts=”20190429 PM – Taegan Horn – ‘Rooted in my Father’s love'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”729″ texts=”20180429 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Young Adults – Family'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”725″ texts=”20180422 AM – Dave Hall – ‘Train up a child'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”721″ texts=”20180415 PM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Signposts that we are maturing in Christ'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”717″ texts=”20180415 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Together with Jesus – Raising Godly Children In An Ungodly World'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”713″ texts=”20180408 PM – Joyce Ray – ‘7 Keys To Resolving Your Conflict'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”709″ texts=”20180401 PM – Andrew Smith – ‘Alliances'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”705″ texts=”20180401 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Resurrection Sunday'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”699″ texts=”20180325 AM – Conversation with Louis and Lizette Du Piesanie”]

[media-downloader media_id=”695″ texts=”20180318 PM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Crashing the Chatterbox'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”690″ texts=”20180318 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Together with Jesus – Loving God'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”685″ texts=”20180311 PM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Acceleration – loving myself'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”701″ texts=”20180311 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Sexual Purity'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”678″ texts=”20180304 PM – Dave Hall – ‘3 Trees'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”675″ texts=”20180304 AM – Andre van Eeden – ‘Relatable'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”670″ texts=”20180225 AM – Andrew Smith”]

[media-downloader media_id=”666″ texts=”20180218 PM – Taegan Horn – ‘Knowing God as Father'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”663″ texts=”20180218 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Acceler18 – Life in the Spirit'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”659″ texts=”20180211 PM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Acceler18 – Life in the Spirit'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”657″ texts=”20180211 AM – Kevin Bitter – ‘Acceleration – From Here To There'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”654″ texts=”20180204 PM – Dave Hall – ‘Waymaker God'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”649″ texts=”20180204 AM – ‘Johan Coetzee’ – ‘Acceler18′”]

[media-downloader media_id=”645″ texts=”20180128 AM – Andre Van Eeden – ‘Supernatural – Holy Spirit'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”641″ texts=”20180121 PM – Taegan Horn – ‘Jesus my Redeemer'”]

[media-downloader media_id=”627″ texts=”20180114 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘Abundant Life’ (Part 6)”]

[media-downloader media_id=”630″ texts=”20180107 AM – Johan Coetzee – ‘More Than Conquerors’ (Part 5)”]